Basic Drilling Calculation For Mud Engineer

Basic drilling calculation for mud engineer is a fundamental when you want to be mud engineer. Mud engineer have big responsibility to keep drilling program running well. Because of the responsibility from mud engineer is very big, the basic calculation for mud engineer is very important and this is a basic drilling calculation for  mud engineer.

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is pressure come from fluid in a place give the weight as function pressure depend on depth “fluid colomn” with vertical mesurement function

Hidrostatic Pressure (SI) = ?gh   basic formula ,

cause we use US field units so the calculation will be : Hydrostatic Pressure (US Field) = 0.052 x ? x h

Hidrostatic Pressure, Psi

? = Density Of Fluid, ppg

h = Depth Of Well, (Casing Shoe), ft

Specific Gravity Of Mud

SG = Mud Weight : 8.33 ppg

SG = Specific Gravity

Mud Weight , ppg

Pressure Gradient

0.052 x density of fluid

Sample Calculation

Drilling with depth 9000 MD  / 8000 TVD with mud weight 8,9 ppg,


Hydrostatic Pressure, Specific Gravity , Pressure Gradient

a. Hydrostatic Pressure = 0.052 x 8,9 x 8000 (remember we must using TVD)

= 3702.4 Psi

b. Specific Gravity = 8.9 : 8.33

= 1.06 SG mud

c. Pressure Gradient = 0.052 x 8.33

= 0.46

Hydrostatic Pressure Explanation

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