Cause Of Well Kick or Influx

Kick or influx from formation already share on our site how to do well control until well control spreadsheet explore on our site to learn more.

The most common causes of kicks are:

  • Improper monitoring of pipe movement (drilling assembly and casing).

 –        Trip out – making sure hole takes the proper amount of mud.

 –        Trip in – making sure it gives up proper amount of mud and preventing lost circulation due to surges.

  • Swabbing during pipe movement.
  • Loss of circulation.

Insufficient mud weight.

  •  Abnormal pressured formations
  •  Shallow gas sands

Special situations.

–        Drill stem testing

–        Drilling into an adjacent well

–        Excessive drilling rate through a gas sand

Surveys in the past have shown that the major portion of well control problems have occurred during trips. The potential exists for the reduction of bottom hole pressure due to:

  • Loss of ECD with pumps off.
  • Reduction in fluid levels when pulling pipe and not filling the hole.
  •  Swabbing.

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