Design Primary Cementing Job Succsess Key

Design Primary Cementing Job Succsess Key –  Drilling Engineering . As a cementing engineer or drilling engineer you have to able design primary cementing. Some engineer always comfiused when they try to make a some primary cementing job design. On our  article i am Hero Santoso Effendi will expalain more about what is a most important think while design cementing job. For Prmary Placement technical SPE give some knowledge.

Why Design Primary Cementing is Very Important?

First time before we conduct the job we have to make design and approved from client. Design will be give with format primary cementing job proposal. Technical Engineer from service company  will give cementing proposal to drilling engineer or representatives engineer of oil company.Some factor such as slurry voleume, lab design, slurry properties, chemichal consumsion, and etc will be incluide on proposal.

The Top of the most important point while design primary cementing job is lab design.

Why i said lab design first number of design primary cementing job succsess key. If you wrong to design slurry propertiest and slurry rheology more bad effect will be happen. So how to make lab design for slurry cement already we share on our site please explore it. So many factor you need for consideration such as pressure and temperature formation.

The second thinks is slurry volume

Slurry volume will be most important think because when you design primary cementing you will calculate estimation of slurry volume required so how to calculate.

Are you already know about excess cement ?

Excess is amount percentation of sack cement will be add on our design, excess adding on our design because our well bor is not flat but bumpy. We have to know when we drilling hole with drilling bit 17 1/2 inch the average hole diameter is not 17 1/2 inch because of that we put excess on our design slurry volume (see picture below)

Design Primary Cementing Sample Excess

Primary Cementing Design

Some calculation for design slurry volume required already we share on our site, but now try to answer if you running caliper log an average diameter hole is 18 1/2 inch for casing 13 3/8 inch what you should do to calculate it if the casing depth is 1200 ft excess 25% from drilling engineer design.

and on some same case they already know about volume annulus on this to calculate if they want to give excess same 25%.

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Third is time and other probability (savety factor for time)

While conduct cementing job some problem will be happern so we have to prepared as a preventive way to our design, better we give savety factor time for thickening time to get sucsessfull primary cementing job.

Hii Engineers thanks for reading Design Primary Cementing Job Succsess Key. Others topic about cementing already we share explore our site for learn more. Have a nice day

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