Drilling Program and Drilling Proposal

Drilling program and drilling proposal  for drilling the well is prepared by all engineer and they have to working together to make the drilling program and drilling proposal.

Drilling Program List

The drilling program is prepared by the geologists and reservoir

Engineers in the operating company and provides the information upon which thenwell will be designed and the drilling program will be prepared. The proposal
contains the following information:
• Objective of the Well
• Depth (m/ft Subsea), and Location (Longitude and Latitude) of Target
• Geological Cross section
Pore Pressure Profi le Prediction

The drilling program is prepared by the Drilling Engineer and contains the following:

• Drilling Rig to be used for the well
• Proposed Location for the Drilling Rig
• Hole Sizes and Depths
• Casing Sizes and Depths
Drilling Fluid Specifi cation
Directional Drilling Information
Well Control Equipment and Procedures
• Bits and Hydraulics Program

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