Dual Stage Cementing Experience

After share article about multi stage cementing / dual stage cementing So tired if get job dual stage cementing cause we have to prepared job 2 times directly just give 8 hours for wait on cement

(WOC) and continue again with second stage. In this article i am hero santoso will be share my experience for dual stage cementing.

What a reason dual stage cementing conduct

As a normally cementing we know the hydrostatic pressure is so big if we find deeper well with long cement column, yes sometimes the formation pressure cannot hold the hydrostatic pressure, with simple answer lost cement slurry will be happen.

Some reason for conduct dual stage cementing is :

  1. Low formation pressure
  2. Low gradient fracture

The procedure of dual stage cementing or multistage cementing have been publish in our site but with simple way i will re explain in here

Procedure dual stage cementing from my experience

  1. Pree job safety meeting
  2. Rig up cementing line, cementing head and test line
  3. Pump spacer
  4. Pump slurry cement
  5. Drop wipper plug
  6. Displace until get bumping
  7. Drop Bomb
  8. Pumpuntil get holding pressure “indication bomb drop until DSCC “Dual stage cementing collar”
  9. Circulate well
  10. WOC
  11. Second stage
  12. Pump spacer
  13. Pump cement slurry
  14. Drop Top Plug
  15. Displace until bumping
  16. WOC

The important point on this job is the position of DSCC and density of slurry cement. Generally when dual stage cementing conduct they using light weight material for get lowest density. Please read multi stage cementing operation to explore your knowledge about cementing.


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