Hero Squeeze Beta 1 Version Will Be Released Today

Beta 1 HERO SQUEEZE Version will be released today thanks for candidate reviewed, we will send link for download this software.If any problem or error please feel free for contact me at heroeffendi.petroleum@gmail.com
After you receive the link download for complate instalation send data input required to my email.

Simple and user friendly software

Benefit of software

1. Reduce time for manual calculation, just need 5 minutes for design or evaluation squeeze job.

2. Reduce Probability human error calculation.

3. More accurate

Below sample interface BETA 1

input data 1

sheet 1 fix input hero squeeze software



Input Data Sheet 2 (for displacement fluid you can chose newtonian or non newtonian) but commonly used is newtonian “fresh mud”

newtonian input data

And final report we recommend to you. we provide a print out that you can immediately print a report (you can change the company picture logo)

print design squeeze cementing

this screen shoot for design squeeze job with type well “directioanal well” for others output we hide for privacy reason.

Thanks keep in touch with http://www.petroleumsupport.com



hero santoso effendi



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