How To Calculate Formation Volume With Planimeter Spreadsheet

When i was on my university i get lesson about how to calculate volume of our formation with planimeter. Function of we know about volume of reservoir of course is finally we can calculate original oil in place (OOIP). To remembering,  planimeter  is a measuring instrument used to determine the area of an arbitrary two-dimensional shape. For calculate formation volume we have 2 methode there are :

1. Piramidal Calculation

2. Trapezoidal

For using the equation above it is depend on the ration of area.

You need data parameters for input like :

  • Counter line value
  • Delta counter = Counterline zona lower – upper = thickness of  layer
  • Area
  • Ratio of area
  • delta volume , acree-ft
  • Porosity ( to calculate OOIP)
  • Soi
  • Bo

How to use this spreadsheet is simple just fill the parameters input with your current data the spreadsheet is automatically update the output parameters and the final answer is OOIP.

This is the spreadsheet view

Planimeter spreadsheet to calculate formation volume

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