Kick Tolerance

Kick tolerance is the maximum kick volume that can be taken into the well and circulated out without causing formation damageKick tolerance is a function of formation pressure and formation breakdown pressure. On floating rigs increased water depths and the inclusion of riser margins reduce kick tolerance.

Well Kick Tolerance Pressure back

Kick Ilustration

Kick Tolerance, Fixed Rig, Simple Method.

  • Maximum kick length, or Volume at shut-in

= (MAASP – SIDPP) ÷ (Mud gradient – Influx gradient)

= Length of influx at shut-in. now, Convert to a volume in barrels.

  • Convert the length calculated in a) above into the volume at the annulus section below the casing shoe.  Volume in barrels.
  • Use Boyles gas law to convert this to a volume in downhole conditions.

Where;            P1  = Formation breakdown pressure at shoe.

V1  = Volume calculated in b).

P2 = Formation pressure.

V2 = Kick volume.

Kick tolerance will be the smaller of the two volumes calculated in steps

a) and b).

Well Data

Depth                                                           = 10000 ft TVD
Shoe                                                             = 5000ft
Mud                                                              = 10 ppg
Frac. Gradient                                          = 0.72 psi/ft
Breakdown pressure at shoe              = 0.72 x 5000 ft = 3600 psi
DC/OH Capacity                                      = 0.0291 bbls/ft (800 ft Collars)
DP/OH Capacity                                      = 0.0459 bbls/ft
MAASP                                                        = (0.72 – 0.52) x 5000 ft =1000 psi
Assume SIDPP                                          = 500 psi
Influx gas                                                    = 0.12 psi/ft
Formation pressure                               = 500 + (10000 ft x 10 x 0.052) = 5700 psi

Step A

(1000 – 500) ÷ (0.52 – 0.12)

1250 ft  This will cover the collars and 450 ft of pipe.

Collars = 23.28 bbls

Around the pipe = 450 ft x 0.0459 = 20.655 bbls

Total length 1250 ft   Total volume 43.935 bbls

Step B

1250 ft converted to a volume below the shoe.

1250 x 0.0459 = 57.375 bbls

 Step C       Converting the above volume to downhole conditions.

(3600 x 57.375) ÷ 5700 = 36.236 bbls

The kick volume is the smaller of the volumes calculated in the steps A) and C).

Kick Tolerance = 36.236 bbls

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