Number Of Sacks Of Cement

Although cement and other dry chemicals are delivered to the rigsite in bulk tanks the amount of dry cement powder is generally quoted in terms of the number of sacks of cement required. Each sack of cement is equivalent to 1 cu. ft of
The number of sacks of cement required for the cement operation will depend on the amount of slurry required for the operation (calculated above) and the amount of cement slurry that can be produced from a sack of cement. The amount of cement slurry that can be produced from a sack of cement, known as the yield of the cement, will depend on the type of cement powder (API classification) and the amount of mixwater mixed with the cement powder.

The latter will also depend on the type of cement and will vary with pressure and temperature. The number of sacks of cement required for the operation can be calculated from the following
No. of Sacks = Total Volume of Slurry / Yield of Cement

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Mixwater Requirements

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