Oil & Gas Volume Conversion Factors

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Oil & Gas Volume Conversion Factors

Another handy note for commonly used unit conversion in oil and gas industry related to volume.

1 bbl (Barrel) = 158.987 liters
CF = cubic feet
MCF (thousand cubic feet) = 10^3 cubic feet
MMCF (million cubic feet) = 10^6 cubic feet
BCF (billion cubic feet) = 10^6 cubic feet
TCF (trillion cubic feet) = 10^12 cubic feet
5487 CF gas equivalent with 1 boe (barrel oil equivalent)
6 BCF gas equivalent with 1 mmboe (million barrel oil equivalent)

Metric Conversions
1 meter = 3.281 feet
1 foot =  0.3048 meters
1 CF = 0.0283 cubic meters
1 cubic meter = 35.315 CF


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