Squeeze Cementing Complete Referance

its a part of cementing job which can occur when drilling , or workover. The basicly function of squeeze cementing for isolate zone in our wellbore of course permanen. Most engineer always said squeeze cementing its easy and not important but for the real cemeting engineer this job its need higher skill and higher experience. it is the reason for petroleum support will be help engineer with our professional tool which we plan to launch, we are prevent about the failure job probability bigger than sucessfull job. With this tool you like have a guide to make a right decision before squeeze cementing job.

Benefit Of Squeeze cementing software “HERO SQUEEZE PRO”

  • The completely squeeze cementing software can running for two type a wellbore:
  1. Vertical well
  2. Directional well
  • Type Of Working
  1. Design Squeeze Cementing
  2. Evaluation Squeeze Cementing
  • Tools Methode Of Squeeze Cementing
  1. Branden Head
  2. Bull Head
  3. Squeeze Packer

We recommend for using brandenhead method for tools methode and balance plug slurry cement placement. we chose brandenhead because this method is simple, low cost for equipment, and low cost for rig time and eficient.we call this software with herosqueeze pro and this software have been review and correction by doctor cementing from UPN veteran jogjakarta Dr Nur Suhascaryo ST,MT.

General question about squeeze cementing software “HERO SQUEEZE PRO”

  • what is the advantages of this tool?
  • this is easy to use ?
  • why we must using this software ?

the advantages from this software is

  1. you will get the tool with anything you need for design and evaluation squeeze cementing job
  2.  you will get the tutorial for use this software
  3. you will get the sugestion from tutorial.

see also squeeze cementing software release for update and download squeeze cementing software the pro version will be realese on 08/17/2012 be the first to get this software from us http://www.petroleumsupport.com

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