Squeeze Cementing Software Review

PetroleumSupport.com have been make software for evaluation and design squeeze cementing .

Why the first software we created is to Squeeze Cementing job?

  1. The probability of success Squeeze Cementing job is still very low.
  2. engineers are usually designed based on experience but does not consider important factors such as the well profile, and the conditions of formation.
  3. Squeeze Cementing job becomes inefficient
  4. much time is wasted due to the volume of cement slurry which is inefficient
  5. in terms of the company can offset the cost of service and the rig cost .

We opened three bids for review squeeze cementing software

requirement to register a free softaware for review

  1. You must be an engineer or an ordinary worker for a design squeeze cementing job
  2. Minimum 2 years experience working
  3. willing to do a review for our software

Submit Your Data At heroeffendi.petroleum@gmail.com , with the format:

  1. name:
  2. Occupation:
  3. long experience:
  4. company:
  5. country:
  6. difficulties in the squeeze job:
  7. Reason why  you want to review software from petroleumsupport.com
  8. Includes a statement you will be do a review after you get a software by petroleumsupport.com

Reasons why you should own this software

  1. Software its very user friendly and we will always update the software become from our experiece and user suggestion
  2. You will get more acurate tools because we incluide friction pressure parameters
  3. we give for you tutorial incluide in software
  4. You can see the well conditioan simulation
  5. Software can uses in two type of well

Deadline for sending applications to the petroleum support to 25 October 2011 and we will announce who is entitled to a trial version of our software.

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