Standard Pressure in North America (Recomended)

Standard pressure in enginerring calculation may vary by location and country. It might not contribute huge error in your calculation but good to get the right number. Below just an example of standard pressure in North America.For other place will be present next time.

north america

Location Standard Pressure (psia)
Alaska State Lands 14.65
Arkansas 14.65
California 14.73
Colorado 15.025
Illinois 14.65
Kansas 14.65
Louisiana 15.025
Michigan 14.73
Mississippi 15.025
New Mexico 15.025
Oklahoma 14.65
Texas 14.65
Utah 15.025
West Virginia 14.85
Wyoming 15.025
US Federal Leases 14.73
Canada 14.696

Reference: Hewlett-Packard HP-41C Petroleum Fluids Pac handbook except for the Alaska State Lands value.

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