Theoretical Deliverability Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet calculates theoretical  deliverability for gas reservoir. Follow the instruction to uses this spreadsheet


1) Go to the Solution section and enter a value for real gas pseudo pressure at the flowing bottom hole pressure;

Theoretical Gas Deliverability Spreadsheet input view

Theoretical Gas Deliverability Spreadsheet View

2) Run Macro Solution (Automatically);

Theoretical Deliverability Spreadsheet

Theoretical Gas Deliverability Spreadsheet Result

3) View results.

Input Data on Theoretical Deliverability Spreadsheet

  • Effective permeability to gas
  • Pay zone thickness
  • Equivalent drainage radius
  • Wellbore radius
  • Darcy skin factor
  • Non-Darcy coefficient
  • Reservoir pressure
  • Flowing bottom hole pressure 
  • Temperature
  • Gas specific gravity
  • Mole fraction of N2
  • Mole fraction of CO2
  • Mole fraction of H2S

Calculated Parameter Values on Theoretical Deliverability Spreadsheet

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