Traffic With Google, Facebook, and Youtube

  • Have We think to increase traffic significantly?
  • Or we just want to make our website lonely visitor?

One that will provide traffic to your website is search engines like google, yahoo, bing, but did you know that search engines have keyword-keyword which has the tendency how many people searching for this keyworld .Let’s see the tendency of people in the world to seek a keyworld. Visit Google Adwords for know the best choise to make your new post.

Thre keywords for the huge traffic are:

1. Facebook:

Facebook_iconFacebook is a social networking site is a social networking site no.1 have biggest members.Ever we see almost  people in the world has a facebook. In My country “Indonesia” from junior high school kids already have a facebook even they sometimes have more than 1 account facebook. Extraordinary results from the search engine google search with the keyword indicates the data is 2.52 billion/monthly. Facebook figures are very fantastic imagination if 1% of visitor numbers were run to our  website.We Maka 25.2 million monthly visitors will stop by your place of course with good SEO techniques are supported as well. (note:just pray that your blog / website you will not be banned because of greedy traffic exceeds capacity).

That if we see from the search engines but we also can have free advertising on facebook.
As an example of my Web site focuses weeks to support people who want to know about the world’s oil and gas deeper. I will look at the facebook group or create a group of oil and gas or petroleum engineer group.
To take advantage of facebook I think 2 tips is enough to increase your traffic.



Hemm My Country “indonesia” Google is the world’s largest company in people respect .We called google with the name “mbah google” the name for the honor of someone older or more respected.

But if we know that Google it self has a keyword with 506.000.000 visitors/month with google keyword name.Waaaw an amazing value for a website that is not of course include social networking functionality. I believe nearly all the world must know google. In my country (Indonesia) google comes with
They reach your country must also search engine you also bring traffic that is on google .Yahoo 506 million recorded by that number to the search keyword.


youtube imageSite for us to share this vidio have been phenomenal. I want to share if you want to be a star you can use youtube media. In Indonesia (hmm i always publish to the world about my country Because I love Indonesia). We have new actor, “singer Actually” i think his voice not good enought but he is very silly, funny, try searching on youtube “udin sedunia” hmm you will find him. And before Udin, Sinta and jojo exposed be actrist cause youtube.Hmm my country i love U.

Okey talk about youtube I suggest you make a youtube account and upload yours vidio multiply that match with your website theme. And you can also find other vidio, and you promot your site with  leave comments certainly unique. Visitors  will interest with your comment and can follow to your  site. This 923 million visitor/month search results for youtube.
I think it was enough thanks for visited my site.

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Hero Santoso Effendi

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