Volume Reservoir and Gas Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet using for performs volume reservoir and gas  reserve, volume reservoir and gas reserve calculator spreadsheet include Z factor for the formulas.

  • For depletion drive reservoir set the attic volume & sweep effeciency both to 0%  OR set residual gas saturation on the results sheet to (100- Sw%)
  • For water drive (or partial water) reservoir residual gas saturation are estimated from a correlation based on porosity
  • Residual Gas Estimated at Abandonment Pressure
  • Attic volume as percent of the total reservoir must be known or estimated for water drive reservoir
  • For partially depleted reservoir the current reservoir pressure & cumulative production must be as of the same date.
  • Gas shrinkage factors are estimate from the oil and gas properties
  • For dry gas a very small average condensate yield should be entered (0.0001) to avoid calculation problems

How to Use Volume Reservoir and Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet

If available, performance based on reserve can be added to the output

Enter data on the “data” sheet

Volume Reservoir and Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet Input View

Volume Reservoir and Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet Input

Output data will be display on “result” sheet

Data sources should be identified on the “result” sheet

Note for Volume Reservoir and Gas Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet

Close message – go to menu at top “Tools, then options, then calculation – set to automatic check off iteration box set to 100 iterations and maximum change to 0.001

“Source of Data” Codes should be added to the results sheet along the right side of the data

Output Data From Volume Reservoir and Gas Reserve Calculator Spreadsheet

Pressure Base
Original Reservoir Pressure
Current Reservoir Pressure
Abandonment Reservoir Pressure
Reservoir Temperature
Average Porosity
Average Water Saturation
Residual Gas Saturation
Separator Gas Gravity
Original Z Factor
Abandonment Z Factor
Initial Condensate Yield
Average Condensate Yield
Condensate Gravity
Original Gas Formation Volume Factor
Unit Gas In Place
Gas Shrinkage
Attic Volume
Sweep Effeciency
Gas Recovery Factor
Recoverable Gas
Productive Area
Reservoir Volume
Original Gas In Place
Original Gas Reserves
Original Condensate Reserves
Cumulative Gas Production
Cumulative Cond Production
Remaining Volumetric Gas Reserves
Remaining Volumetric Condensate Reserves
Remaining Gas Performance Reserves
Remaining Cond Performance Reserves

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