Well Control Spreadsheet

Well control spreadsheet calculation using to control the pressure from drilling fluid and  pump. Its important because drilling fluid also have several function both to controlling  formation pressure and circulating fluid to transport cutting. Well Control Procedures must be include in a savety program when we do drilling well. Well control spreadsheet is form to calculate several important data such as  :

Data input on well control spreadsheet

  • Well data
  1. Casing Outside Diameter
  2. Casing Inside Diameter
  3. Casing Shoe Depth
  4. Bit Size
  5. Hole Depth
  6. Outside Drill Collar
  7. Inside Drill Collar
  8. Inside Drill Pipe
  9. Outside Drill Pipe
  • Kick Data
  1. Pressent Mud Weight
  2. SIDPP
  3. SICP
  4. Pit Gain
  • Freacture Data
  1. Leak Of Test
  2. Mud Weight Test
  • Pumping Data
  1. Pump Out-Put
  2. SCRP

Data output on well control spreadsheet

  1. Formation Pressure
  2. Kill Mud Weight
  3. Hydrostatic Pressure
  4. Fracture Mud Weight
  5. MAASP at Test Mud Weight
  6. MAASP at Pressent Mud Weight
  7. MAASP with no mud in the hole
  8. Surface to Bit Strokes
  9. Bit to Shoe Strokes
  10. Total Circulation Strokes
  11. Surface to Bit Time
  12. Bit to Shoe Time
  13. Total Circulation Time
  14. Height of Influx
  15. Gradient of Influx
  16. Type of Influx
  17. ICP  ‘ Driller’s Method ‘
  18. ICP  ‘ Weight & Weight Method ‘
  19. FCP

How to use it Well control spreadsheet ?

Enter the input data value and click calculate and also you can reset the input data parameters

well control spreadsheet picture

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