What Happen If A Big Asteroid Not Hit Our Earth

What would happen if a giant asteroid hit our planet and not destroy the dinosaurs? This question has been raised since a long time and now have started to appear the answer.

As is known, there are many factors causing the extinction of dinosaurs from the surface of the Earth’s surface. However, echoes of the death knell for the largest animal that ever lived it was the arrival of an asteroid measuring about 9.6 kilometers.

Giant asteroid that crashed in the area that is now Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, about 65 million years ago. As a result of asteroid collisions with Earth, in the region there is a gaping hole that is now called the Chicxulub crater measuring over 180 kilometers wide.

Shortly after the asteroid hit, Earth’s mega-hit by the tsunami, a fire that spread to the entire planet and threw dust and particles that are very much into the sky which resulted in closing of sunlight for several years and cause global cooling that caused the destruction of the dinosaurs and more than 70 percent of the species being another life.

“If the meteor did not hit Earth, and assuming that no other mass destruction incident occurs, the possibility of life on this planet is still dominated by dinosaurs as well as 160 million years before the destruction of these animals,” said Damian Nance, Ohio University professor of geoscience, as quoted by Life Little Mysteries , May 14, 2011.

Nance says, if not extinct dinosaurs, primates like us probably would not live to grow. Mammals alone could multiply along with the proliferation dinoasaurus. However, they only occupy a particular ecological region that is narrow, and generally grow more or less only like rats at this time.

“New Mammals can emerge and proliferate extensively after plant-eating dinosaurs that eventually destroyed to make the carnivorous dinosaurs lose a source of food,” said Nance.

The researchers speculate, intelligent dinosauroid also likely to be evolved along with humans. Speculation is based on the relatively large size of the brain from trodontid species, which was found later, which is similar predatory birds.

As is known, the dinosaurs who survived to the present, with a bird, it’s pretty smart. But not smart enough to remain the ruler of life on Earth.

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